Manuka Smoked Whisky - 700ml
Manuka Smoked Whisky - 700ml

Manuka Smoked Whisky - 700ml

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Premium Kentucky whisky, smoked with Manuka. Made in small batchs with our secret Manuka smoking process.

It has a strong smoked single malt Whisky front followed by a smooth finish. Something quite special and tricky to make. 45ABV


Silver Medal in the Whisky Section of the 2019 New Zealand Spirit Awards.


"I don’t normally do this but I find myself having to share my experience.

I’ve never been the one to crave a drink but ever since I tried your Manuka smoked whisky (at the coatsville market) recently, I can’t help by pour myself a drink (or two) every night! I’ve managed to finish a bottle with each sip better than the last.

I’ve always been a scotch drinker (esp The Islay distilleries) but I enjoy this drink so much that I’ve started to explore the bourbon scene!

I look forward to ordering a few more bottles from you very soon."

Abhishek - Auckland