b10 Caramel Sauce

  Delicious, this keeps very well in an airtight container in the fridge, take out and heat in microwave and pour over ice-cream, sticky date pudding, you name it, it goes fabulously.      


b10 Celebration Cake

For a special occasion here’s a cake rich with chocolate and fruits which keeps well and slices without crumbling.  For a wonderful wedding cake with a tilt away from tradition, double or treble the recipe and make two or three-tiered cakes. Serves 12-20.


b10 Honey Bourbon Tiramisu

Tiramisu a tried and true favourite dessert – now even better with the excruciatingly delicious addition of batch10 Honey Bourbon.  We dare you not to like this baby… Serves 8-10.  



Oh Yeah!  If there is one thing that sorts the men from the boys its the awesomeness of your ribs recipe. This one’s a beaut make no mistake.  A perfect feed to accompany a perfect tipple.


b10 Honey Bourbon Grilled Peaches

Natural organic summer fruit with a char of fire is a real Kiwi jokers perfect man-style dessert. No need for the 5 hour masterchef creation. With Batch10 Honey Bourbon butter glaze, they grill up tender and dripping with oozy boozy flavour.